Whoops: White House Goes Viral with Photo of the 'First Snow of the Year' ... but It Wasn't Snowing


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Twitter users shortly melted a White House tweet on Sunday celebrating the “first snow of the yr” in Washington, D.C., while native weather reviews confirmed it was unseasonably heat and didn’t snow at all.

It all appears to have been poor timing on the a part of the administration, but social media relished the error.

The White House’s unique tweet confirmed a snowy view of the Pennsylvania Avenue residence with the caption “First snow of the yr!” The only drawback: It wasn’t snowing in D.C. on Sunday.

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The truth is, it was an unusually warm day, with native temperatures reaching as high as 68 levels, prompting one consumer to simply respond with “Ummmm.”

The jokes snowballed from there.

“What you’re truly seeing is the ashes of the Structure,” one consumer wrote.

Others responded with what can be their obviously pretend photographs whereas claiming it was the first day of snow, including an image of the winter planet Hoth from Star Wars, while more brought up President Donald Trump‘s altered hurricane map that went viral last yr.





The snow photograph was uploaded to the White Home Flickr account and showed it was truly taken on Jan. 7, relatively than Sunday as the tweet mistakenly implied.

President Trump’s daughter Ivanka Trump also shared the photograph but with the right caption: “Final week at the White Home, the primary snow of the yr!”

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The administration has a history of creating false claims concerning the climate, from Trump’s hurricane map claiming that Alabama can be hit by Hurricane Dorian last September to his 2017 inauguration, when he claimed that rain had stopped whereas he gave his speech and began again once he completed.