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News / Worldwide - 1 day ago

Trump moves to gut Obama housing discrimination rules

The Trump administration is working to roll back former President Barack Obama’s efforts to fight racial segregation — probably making it easier for banks to disclaim loans to black and Hispanic individuals or for cities to restrict poor households t...

News / Worldwide - 1 day ago

Biden takes the lead in NYC donor chase

Joe Biden is locking down help from highly effective New York donors who have spent the past yr flirting with a number of candidates, setting him up for a serious money increase simply as 2020 voting begins. Biden’s campaign — typically with help fro...

News / Worldwide - 1 day ago

Trump boldly beams up a new Space Force logo

To quote Leonard Nimoy's Mr. Spock, "In crucial moments, men typically see precisely what they want to see." And individuals are seeing something familiar in the new Area Pressure emblem. President Donald Trump unveiled the brand new emblem for the U...